Valentines Day, celebrated all over the world during the 14th of February, is a very significant day for countless men and women, single or married all over the world. Valentines Day is one day of the year when people go out of their way to purchase their significant others gifts all in the hope of pleasing their loved one and showing them how much their presence is appreciated in your life. If you want to impress on the 14th, you need to put your first step forward:

Dress Coded Dating
As it is Valentines Day, you probably have something romantic planned between you and your loved one. As soon as you have your table and menu down pat, you need to memorize the dress code of the place where you went through. For obvious reasons, one of Valentines biggest disappointment is getting turned out of a restaurant because you didn’t dress properly.

Your best bet for formal and romantic evenings is a classic two piece suit and a matching tie. This is your best bet for getting through all the restaurants without being reprimanded for dress code. The combination of your suit and tie can gain you access to any restaurant from a mom-and-pop place to a very ritzy hotel café. Despite the fashion flexibility that the suit and tie offers, there is always the danger of being too much or too little wherever you intend to take your special someone on Valentines Day.

If the place that you reserved requires formal attire, comply and bring out your tux for the occasion. Anyway, Valentines happen but once a year. If you’re simply headed someplace like a part or a burger and fried joint in the park or anywhere that is categorically casual, don’t overdo things and wear something simpler like jeans and shirt. Excess weight from your tux can be a hindrance when all your date wanted was to feed the birds, kick back and relax.

Take note: the goal of your dressing is to blend in with the crowd. You do not want to stand out from the rest or from other patrons or people in your vicinity. Your date would most definitely want an intimate dinner or event, and you can’t be that unless your blend in.

Remember, your goal is to blend in. At the very least, you don’t want to stand out from all the other patrons or people in the vicinity. Your date most likely wants an intimate event, not one where all you do throughout the meal is invite stares from everyone else.

So, no matter what dress code you are abiding, you just need to hold on to the basic tenets of a good fashion sense. Presentable should always be the bottom like of your appearance on Valentines Day.

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